Monday, October 29, 2007

It's not cheap to be an "artiste!!"

So, even though it appears that crafting from old bits of tin and wood and metal should be cheap, I am finding myself lusting for more and more expensive tools. Right now I want a Dremel tool-kind of an all purpose hand drill with about a trillion extras. It's like buying the Barbie then realizing you need to get all of her clothes, her dream house, her corvette and consume on ad nauseum. I love my local ACE Hardware-the people who work there are all kind of middle aged or old men ( and a few ladies on the register) and are very kind when I buy 1 foot of copper piping or 6 little screws. And the paint guy doesn't mind me nosying around for quarts that were "bad mixes". I went in today for a file and some more sandpaper for some little tin pins I'm trying to put together. When I said I was going to use it to smooth the edges of tin cans, they just shrug a little. ACE IS the place with the helpful hardware man

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