Friday, November 23, 2007


So, it's been a very busy time since the art show and I haven't followed through on my promise to myself to post-or craft!! We all had a yukky cruddy ikkiness going through the house.
The show went very well, I talked to a lot of people who liked my art and I sold several of my smaller pieces. I'll do it again in the spring. I could have sold about ten of the little Frida art doll/shrines I donated for the auction. I didn't get very good pics of her before she left. I'm planning a series of them for next time-Lizzie Siddal from the Pre-Raphaelites is first. I just read an amazing biography of her.

These are the wall piece collages I had in the show. The one on with the boat is from an Edna St Vincent Millay poem . I gave another in this series to a friend with a Sara Teasdale poem-both typed, of course. I love typewriters.
The chubby girl was all ephemera I got last summer when I was in Ohio visiting my family. There is the most amazing permanent barn sale run by some bachelor farmer types right near my sisters house in the hills of southeastern Ohio. I want to go back and buy everything there. I framed her on the wrong side of an ugly "country" frame I had around forever.

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