Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My neighborhood

I live in a fairly-okay-let's say very conservative town. The two interesting old areas are very cool-Old Colorado City-the Westside- and Downtown. I've lived in both of them. I loved the west side, but there were always a few too many pitbull owners and strange guys with really long beards and aluminum foil covered windows for my taste. (Sorry if you have a long beard and an aluminum foil hat, I'd probably like you, I just don't need to live next door,kthxbai).Outside of those areas the housing is generally bland. We're not talking cool 50s ranch bland we're talking miles of expensive sand coloured garages in front of the house bland.
So-this is what I like about my neighborhood. We're not historically perfect -just on the edge of the historic district, but it's like a hidden gem. These pictures were taken at the end of summer. There is an old man who heats his house with mounds of wood. There's a metal artist who keeps half of a WWII uboat buoy in his back yard (He used the other half to make a hot tub). There's a house with a big metal eye on the front of it, grama and grandpa houses with year round plastic flowers, old TB huts, a lady who grows thousands (really) of dahlias. I aspire to be the artist they all are. And who wouldn't love a neighborhood with a real drive-in restaurant and a lawnmower hospital!!!

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Colorfuldayz said...

What a fun, interesting neighborhood!